TOP HIGHLIGHTS of FUNNY DOGS that can make you LAUGH不 LAUGH at FUNNY DOGS compilation


TOP HIGHLIGHTS of FUNNY DOGS that can make you LAUGH LAUGH at FUNNY DOGS compilation Watch extra humorous and …



  1. Great compilation, had many laughs Could never understand pet "challenges" though. They are not challenging to achieve anything good, just annoy/scare animals for own entertainment Not a fan of them

  2. The owners of the white dog a t5:16 MUST turn their dog's training color SPIKES OUT! It is gruel to leave them in when not training a s the spikes cause friction on the skin especially when the dog is lying down! The spikes are a product of Germany and are only used when training where pressure is applied to the collar and the spikes prevent damage to the esophagus. Dogs who have their collars pulled with a flat collar cause collapse of the esophagus through constant pressure strangulation and many dogs get chronic coughs often called kennel cough. If spike collars are not available, chest halters are the next best thing, especially for small dogs who are known to pull hard while walking. Better yet" put a flat belt around your neck and have someone pull it back frequently throughout the day; now try a spike collar. It will still be very unpleasant, but much better than a flat collar. NOW can you imagine what we do to our dogs when we take them for walks? Br kind to your friend! A halter for average walking and the spikes only when needed…but never a flat collar! If only one person reads this and cares to apply it on their pet I am happy and I thank you! .

  3. The young woman driving, yelling at the dog needs some training. She has a beautiful dog and they both will need some training so the dog can have a great life. I enjoy the doggie videos but not the ones that mistreat their dogs, often due to the humans lack of knowledge, or just wanting to be on YT. Maybe if the dog and human with the chain collar got some training he would not have to have that collar. Why would one know a dog is afraid of balloons and then throw a balloon at the dog to film it? No thumbs up for any video promoting being cruel to animals and thinking it is funny.

  4. Whenever I see a dog getting ice from the dispenser. Wonder if they clean it after. I would never go to someones house who allows their pet to do that and except ice water.

  5. …..Jesus is coming back soon. Jesus died for your sins! PLEASE REPENT of your sins while there is still time! He loves you and wants a relationship with you!!


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